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Comics I read as often as possible
Daily Weekly
  • ? - The Slightly Demented daily adventures of the worlds funniest carboard cut-out, Proffesor Ashfield.

  • College Roomies From Hell - If I was a college roomie, I'd be from hell.

  • Funny Farm - This comic is not only a comic, it's a Chevy Chase movie.

  • Goats - The web comic that made me wanna be a web comic.

  • Hound's Home - A monkey, a couple of cats, and childhood angst, recipe for humor? Or frightening mirror of society? You be the judge. (Probably just a recipe for humor.)

  • Jesus in the 21st Century - A spin-off of ? - The Slightly Demented Anti-Comic.

  • Joe Average - Depressing and funny at the same time, like watching a midget fall off a horse. 6 days a week.

  • Krazy Larry - Ass-bustingly Hilarious.

  • Limey Bitch - It's like "Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place", except one of the guys is a dog, and instead of a pizza place, there's a guy getting hit in the grapes repeatedly. Also it's actually funny.

  • Pentasmal - Read it or YOU WILL GET NOTHING!

  • Road Waffles - Funnier than a shotgun blast to the groin.

  • Sinfest - Kickass artwork brings to life characters like God, the Devil, cats, dogs, and even Pimps.

  • Sluggy Freelance - The web comic that made me wanna read web comics.

  • Super Jr. - A strip about a guy who burps fire all the time, and the world in which he lives.

  • Superstar Carwash - Discontinued but hilarious.

  • When I Grow Up - Middle class youth with problems.
  • Hosers - Bringing you more beer and "doughnuts" per square inch than any other online comic.

  • Hotendotey - I Dare you not to laugh at this comic.

  • The Mr. Chuck Show - Mr chuck is alpha and omega, the beginning and the ending, sayeth the Roger.

  • Pope Alien - This comic is an odd duck. But at the same time, it's a funny little bastard.

  • S.S.D.D - It's your standard Fox and Rabbit kind of strip...except the rabbit is a psychotic anarchist. The author is cool too, I think he's british or something :P

  • You Damn Kid - Think "The Wonder Years" but worse, in a good way.
  • Asylum - Weird monthly comics about talking socks and other...interesting comics.

  • Superkaylo - Seriously crazy stuff. Funnier than hell. There's a bunch of hilarious tape-recorded prank calls on the site too.
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