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mlnode.gif Comic for January 3rd 2004 - "Better than Bleach"
Better than Bleach


Jamooary secunt!
I'd like to thank Chris Naish for sending me some Murger fan art a long time ago. He's so nice, even tho I've still never sent him the shirt I promised him. Which is coming, it's number one on the list of things I have to do. Only I lose that list so often, I should start a new list with "find the old list" on the top. But then I'd lose that too. Life is hilariously cruel.

Hey everybody! Join the blossoming Fan community!

Hey gonads and gonards! Murger is back with a ferocity not seen since Tyson fought King Kong in that dream I had. Right now I'm just typing stuff to try and fill up this big empty space. I hope Jimmy Kimmel settles into his groove before abc cancels him. He seems to offend every single guest he has. This comic aims to offend all of it's guests too, but Keenspot won't allow midget-scat porno (actually I haven't read Look What I Brought Home in a while...). I think that's enough meaningless text, why are you reading this anyway? Shouldn't you be staring at the comic, drooling and occasionally reloading, ad infinitum?

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